About us

our designers table

How it all started?

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

These lines of the inspirational Leonardo da Vinci sums it all for us.

Well, it all started with an intense conversation in the middle of the night with the Creative designer and co-founder of curiokat. The idea to make something special inspired from the great art and culture we have been watching passively. Art has a beauty in itself, which is to inspire, create ideas and make you happy. We wanted to make art which can be used in our daily lives or can be a part of it. What if an art which is preserved as well as can be utilized daily?

This question made us wonder and thus, we strived to make a blend of beauty and functionality. This answer made way for the foundation of the Curiokat.

We Bring into Existence Marvelous Art pieces

Curiokat is a true reflection of our passion towards art, Original Designs, artists and craftsmen. It symbolizes our values for creativity as well as design. Art is something that fascinates us frequently. Our artistic perspective aids to a great extent in making the world a lively and happening place for us. We strive to share the same perception with everyone. In this endeavor, our expert Creative design head comes up with unique designs which are then handcrafted by our expert craftsmen to create exquisite high quality handcrafted products that elevate the style quotient to several notches.

artist painting the table coasters

What Sets Us Apart?

It is our belief in delivering superior quality and creative handcrafted products while giving proper credits to the craftsmen. Simply put, our uniqueness is defined by:

  • Exquisiteness of our offerings
  • Appealing Handcrafted Products
  • Creativity of Designs
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Value proposition for our artists

Made by designers and Craftsmen with Love

Our designers believe that every artist and his art should be appreciated. Curiokat, thus, showcases the fine artwork of our craftsmen and ensures that they captivate the attention of the visitors. At Curiokat, we also aspire to fortify the artwork of our artisans to a global level. Therefore, we ship almost anywhere in the world to make sure the work of our artisans reaches to every art lover.

craftsman working in curiokat workshop

About our Cat (We call it Kat)

Before we demystify our logo. We would like you to reflect upon the lines of this great man.

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – -Leonardo Da Vinci

The inspiration for the logo came from the beautiful species of Cat. A cat is well-known for its spontaneity and curious nature. Art is a spontaneous act build out of curiosity to come up with something unique.

The boldness in the design of Curiokat’s offerings is a result of inspiration from cat’s bold nature and its ability to take risks. As cats are considered to be a very jubilant species, Curiokat aims to bring the “Cheshire Grin” on the face of every art admirer with its magnificent pieces of art.

When you buy your art you spread happiness

When a sales take place on Curiokat.com, a portion of the amount received from it is kept separately. It is done in order to feed an underprivileged kid by providing 2 meals to him/her.