28 November, 2016

Madhubani Paintings-All You Need to Know About the Quintessential Elegance

When the fingers, twigs, pen nibs, brushes or matchsticks coated in natural colors and dyes come in contact with the canvas, they transform the blank surface into thoughts, hopes and dreams. Some call them Madhubani Paintings while some adore the name Mithila Paintings. Known by so many names, these eye-catchy paintings depict nature, mythology, birth, marriages, the cycle of life and various other events.

Interestingly, Madhubani Paintings trace back their origin to the renowned “Sita Kalyan.” It is believed that King Janaka, father of Sita, summoned a large number of artists from his kingdom. He did that in order to create paintings of her daughter’s marriage. The result is what the king labelled “Madhubani.”



However, there are many who claim that women of Madhubani district of Bihar brought into existence the concept of Madhubani Paintings.


Irrespective of the fact that there is no apparent source of this art form, it is now relishing an international recognition by a plenty of fashion designers, creative décor items designers and other art forms. Madhubani Painting designs fall under folk art paintings and consists of art and craft that bewitches its onlookers.


Originally, one of the great Indian Folk’s Paintings, Madhubani Paintings, portrayed a collection of symbolic images such as a lotus plant, the bamboo grove, fishes, birds and snakes in the union. These images also represented fertility and proliferation of life. Though all the colors of your color palette can be used but deep colors like red, green, blue and black are some of the most used colors. Colors like yellow, pink, and lemon are also used.

Madhubani Paintings is one such Indian Tribal Art, which is renowned for its rich culture. Earlier the paintings had five different styles, namely, Bharni, Katchni, Tantrik, Godna and Gobar. But today, Mithila Painting has become a globalised art form due to which there is no difference in the work of artists. They now work in all the five styles.

Madhubani Paintings are always in talks due to its splendid creation. It recently popped on the top when Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, gifted a Madhubani Painting to the Lord Mayor of Hannover. Also, the Madhubani Paintings held back people to cut trees in Bihar. Since most of the Madhubani Paintings depict Hindu Deities, they were painted on the trees and thus, they refrained people from cutting them down.


Apart from its popularity in India, it is prominent in many parts of the world. Today, many art galleries dedicated to Madhubani art can be found in various countries. For instance, Mithila Museum in Japan has more than 850 Madhubani Paintings in it.

Whether it is present on a canvas or façade of any décor piece, Madhubani Art magnifies the beauty of its surrounding and arrest the attention of its spectators.