Black stone snake sculpture


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Snakes are believed to be one of the oldest and widespread mythological symbols in the world. Snake sculpture, thus, became a significant part of most of the homes. Also, in some of the cultures of the world, snakes are a symbol of fertility. As a snake is considered to belong to wild, many prefer garden snake sculpture to adorn their lawn. Available online exclusively on, the snake sculpture is sure to mesmerize you with its alluring curves. Best to keep aside fountain and raised platforms inside or outside the home, the cobra sculpture is here to flabbergast the onlookers. In many Indian cultures, snakes are a symbol of potent guardians of temples and other sacred spaces and therefore, this elegant snake sculpture could also be kept at the door of your abode. Bring home the snake sculpture and flaunt it by making it a part of your decor collection.

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Weight 7154 kg
Dimensions 56 x 34 cm