Golden cow figurine


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The species of cow is considered as sacred in many a religions of the world, for instance, Hinduism, Jainism, etc. These cultures also consider cow as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Curiokat fathoms well the significance of the auspiciousness of cow and thus, offers online golden cow statue that is elegant and is sure to amplify the charisma of the aura. Carved magnificently out of teakwood, which is an archetype of robustness, the golden cow sculpture has been handpainted by a traditional artist. Along with a symbol of good luck, the golden cow sculpture is also a stunning decor piece that is enough to mesmerize the onlooker with its beauty. Not all cow antiques are meant to wrap in a glossy paper and bestow them to someone else but the Golden Cow Figurine is an exception. An ideal gift option, the golden cow could enlighten the luck of your loved ones.

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