Lion walking cane


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Product Description

Inspired by the “King of the Jungle”, the lion walking cane is a perfect pick for those of you who have an inclination at the power and dominion of a lion. This walking stick with lion-shaped handle carved from the teakwood and coated with silver is sure to wonderstruck everyone with its beauty. Apart from being your walking companion, this walking cane is flamboyantly carved out of teakwood (a top-notch quality wood) to make a bold statement on your behalf. Also, the top has an lion shaped handle carved from the teakwood and coated with pure silver. The fashionable walking stick has been handcrafted and adorned with an intricate design that is sure to bewitch its onlookers. Whether it is a dress occasion or casual event, the amazing antique walking stick is a gorgeous addition to your accessories. Built to stand the test of elegance, time and toughness, the beautiful hand carved wooden stick is going to last for decades to come.