Sharad Purnima – The Harvest Festival


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Product Description

When the cotton cloth showcasing the Sharad Purnima Pichwai is rolled down behind the Shrinath Ji Statue in Nathdwara – a town in the Indian State, Rajasthan – it symbolizes the end of monsoon and beginning of the harvest season. The intricate design, the vivid and authentic stone colors and the essence of the divinity, perfectly exhibit the euphoria of the harvest season.

Because the occasion is celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) of the Hindu month of Ashvin, the artist has made the full moon as the nucleus of the sky enveloped with oodles of stars around it. The coming together of Gods and Goddesses on their respective Vahanas (vehicles) on this auspicious occasion has also been beautifully portrayed through the beguiling art.

Get the quintessential magnificence and engross in the traditional harvesting euphoria.

About Pichwai Paintings

Pichwai Painting is an art form which has its root in the Indian State – Rajasthan. To be more precise, Pichwai Paintings are the pictorial illustration first made by Vallabhaichai Sect in Nathdwara, a small town in the same state, as a decorative backdrop in the Shrinath Ji Temple for Shrinath Ji is considered to be the childhood form of Lord Krishna.

Curiokat’s Pichwai Paintings

All the Pichwai Paintings at Curiokat are made on cotton cloth with colors that are natural stone colors. It is crucial to fathom the fact that the colors are completely authentic, thus, preserving the authenticity of the Pichwai Paintings. These paintings have been brought into existence by one of the top three Pichwai artists of the world.