The vintage elephant tea pot


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With its teakwood body enveloped in elegant Mughal style painting and a layer of steel being the core of it, the vintage elephant teapot is a desirable addition to your collection of vintage or antique beauties. Elephants have always been a symbol of wisdom, good luck and longevity. Quintessential opulence and strength, an elephant is a strikingly beautiful fauna of the Indian culture. Another conspicuous feature is the Mughal Style painting on the teapot. A particular style of South Asian painting, Mughal Paintings emerged from Persian miniature painting and confined to miniature works. Apart from bewitching the onlookers, the vintage elephant Teapot allows you to wake up to the soothing fragrance of hot beverages that it holds magnificently. This antique teapot is sure to ornate your gathering with its sophistication. The teakwood body and especially the handle keeps away any sort of heat transfer when the hot liquid is poured from the vintage teapot thus, ensuring an ease of service. The luxury teapot available online for sale exclusively on Curiokat is surely going to brand you as the best host in town.

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